By signing the principal partner memorandum of intent on september 7th 2006, the center for security studies has become a principal partner of the international relations and security network (isn). As a reputable network and a leader in the international relations and security community, the isn provides free access to a range of high-quality information services. Its 160 principal partners are research organizations and institutes that are either involved in joint projects (e.g. Specialized networks), training initiatives, or share their academic research and full-text publications with the ins. Among other things, the isn offers security watch news services, in-depth analysis on current affairs, comprehensive links library, etc.

The partnership between the center and the ins includes various aims and commitments on both sides. The isn will act as an information disseminator and it will promote the center as a featured partner on a  regular basis. It will also grant the center access to all isn products and services. On the other side, the center will support the ins’s concept of an internet-based information and communication network in the fields of international relations and security.

The CSS since its establishment has sought to develop relations within the region of Southeast Europe. Especially important was the development of links with organizations with similar intentions to ours in the region of the former Yugoslavia, as we sincerely believe that the future development and transformation of the region is contained within regional approaches and solutions.

From the region, the CSS has endeavoured to create links with the following organisations and co-operates with them in a number of projects, including the CSS”s own SEDI Project:

  • Study Centre for Parliamentary and Democratic Practices, Albania
  • Centre for Geo-strategic Research Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Institute for International Relations, Croatia
  • Centre for Ethnic Relations, Macedonia
  • Centre for Security Policies, Macedonia
  • Centre for Civil-Military Relations, Serbia and Montenegro
  • Centre for Southeast European Studies, Serbia and Montenegro


As well as co-operation with organisations from the region, the CSS has also endeavoured to create links and cooperation with international institutes and organisations. As such the CSS has been involved with numerous projects and co-operates in a number of manners with others.


  • CSS is founder of the European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina along with representatives of thirty NGO’s from the whole country;
  • CSS is the country partner organisation of the Centre for European Security Studies, and as such is involved in their ESCADA and DEMCON-SEE projects;
  • CSS has conducted research for the Geneva Centre for Democratic Control over Armed Forces;
  • CSS has co-operated with NATO and its Office of Information and Press in the organisation of meetings, lectures, study visits, speaking tours and seminars;
  • CSS has co-operated with the East West Institute, New York;
  • CSS has organised activities for the Office of the Special Representative of the CiO for Articles II and IV of Annex 1B, Dayton Peace Agreement, OSCE.
  • CSS has co-operated with the Saferworld (UK) on issues of small arms and light weapons in BiH and in the region of South East Europe