The overall intention of the project is to conduct an analysis of the legal provisions of the existing police structures on all four of the different levels of government in BiH. This analysis would also contain review of previous efforts at cracking on with police reform, undertaken by a variety of international and national actors.

Moreover, this research would illustrate the possible overlap of functions and duties the different police agencies have under current legal policy framework. The duplication of jurisdiction, or an unclear mandate, could be identified as the root causes of inefficiency amongst the different police agencies in BiH in terms of carrying out their basic functions, and also presents the obstacle on the road of achieving EU set standards that would result in BiH being a fully fledged member of EU. Our goal is to find obstacles in legal framework of police structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina and advocate changes that have to be made in order to increase efficiency. The intricate set up of policing structures does create an impact on its overall functioning and efficiency, and at best, it just undermines its service delivery to the population of BiH, which is its core function.