The OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina in partnership with the Armed Forces of BiH Joint Staff and Centre for Security Studies BiH will be organising an Advanced Security Sector Reform Course, to be held from 29-31 October 2013 at Hotel Crystal, Sarajevo (Ilidza).

This advanced course is an integral part of the Mission’s Security Sector Reform and Security Policy Development and Implementation Project aimed at fostering a responsive security system in Bosnia and Herzegovina fully capable of maintaining a stable security environment in the country.  The SSR engagement necessitates a multisectoral approach therefore this course will continue to familiarize key security stakeholders with the process of adaptation of the security sector to political and organisational requirements in an all-inclusive and whole of government approach to security sector good governance.  Moreover, it will assist stakeholder institutions to prepare to actively contribute to better security governance in BiH through engaging in the creation of a more democratic, effective, efficient and responsive security system.

The event is the second stage of the overall training on security sector reform that commenced with the introductory course held in February this year aimed at creation of a pool of Bosnia and Herzegovina experts in this field coming from different segments of the BiH security establishment. This advanced course will build on the knowledge gained during the first SSR course and introduce additional skills and assessment tools, outlining principles of good governance as a focus for SSR.  Furthermore, the course will help participants to examine various challenges in security sector governance with particular focus on the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina.