In consideration of the BiH Presidency”s concrete intention and steps towards membership of the Partnership for Peace (PfP), the seminar focused on issues relating to the accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the PfP. In particular, the seminar provided information concerning the full implications and obligations that membership would actually incur, addressing the lack of information pertaining to these issues.

Mr. George Katsirdakis, from NATO, Defence Partnership and Co-operation Directorate, provided a comprehensive picture of all the issues involved with PfP membership. His participation, together with Ambassador Robert Mason Beecroft, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH, and the other esteemed speakers, ensured that parliamentarians, members of the government and armed forces, amongst others, were furnished with a greatly improved understanding of the PfP, as well as the fulfilment of tasks needed to gain membership.

The seminar also highlighted the experiences of other countries of the region in their accession to the PfP, and the problems, implications and obligations that were confronted, which served as an example for the future road of Bosnia and Herzegovina in its quest for PfP membership.