Centre for Security Studies in cooperation with the delegation of European Commission, has opened a European Union Information Centre (EUIC) in Sarajevo and EU Info Points in Zenica, Foča, Goražde in the spring of 2007. The aim of the project is to increase awareness within BiH society about the European Union’s institutions, the Stabilization and Association Agreement and its implications, and about the EU in general in order to more fully influence the policies and actions of the Government concerning Stabilization and Association Process.


Moreover, the EUICs will serve to create an access point for the local population, especially students, professors, and local decision makers, as well as for the broad public, to structured and comprehensive information on the European Union, its structures, activities and policies, legal system, documents and publications, programmes and decision making processes.


In order of initiating information exchange between providers of information on the EU in BiH and target audiences, EUICs are going to be hosts to an array of debates, seminars and roundtables.