The Center for Security Studies (CSS) in co-operation with Saferworld, London, and the Association of Security Managers in BiH organised the workshop titled “Private Security Companies Regulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The workshop was held in the Sarajevo UNITIC Business Center on Thursday, June 29th 2006.

Aim of this workshop was to work towards regulating the private security sector in BiH through exchange of information and experience, with guidance and assistance provided by British associations regulating this sector in the UK. Special emphasis was given to the relation between contractor and private security agencies, and to quality control of services.

As a result of this workshop two working papers were presented: The “Code of Conduct” and “Voluntary Procurement Guidelines”. Both papers are to be voluntarily adopted by most private security companies and clients of security services in BiH in order to affirm quality of services improve regulations in the sector. Your comments to both working papers are welcome as they are in the process of being finalised. Please send your contribution to with “PSC” in the subject. Both English and Bosnian versions are available for viewing.

DOWNLOAD:LIST OF PARTICIPANTS, AGENDA, Client Guidelines-English, Code of Conduct-English, Smjernice-Bos/Hr/Sr, Kodeks ponašanja-Bos/Hr/Sr