Since its establishing in 2001, Centre CSS has earned a reputation as one of the leading civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina specializing in research and education. In response to widespread legacies of the tragic war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, of 1992-1995, progressively lower and stagnating quality of democracy in the (re) emerged and established country. With the aim of developing and encouraging scientific and policy based research that reaches across traditional /ex-Yugoslav/ academic and geographic boundaries in the study of not only security issues, but also of the wider range of political, economic and social influences post-war peace building, reconstruction, reconciliation and Bosnia’s European integration.

Center for Security Studies BIH works to generate knowledge and provide policy, management and capacity strengthening solutions to problems caused by safety and security issues in post-war Bosnia. The topics covered by the research group include, but are not restricted to, securitization, democratic control and oversight, corruption, transparency and accountability of the security sector, police and military reforms, political violence, peace-building, conflict management, migration, and foreign policy. Overall, the Centre for Security Studies BIH is dedicated to improving the quality of governance in the country and in the region of Western Balkans.