On 4th April 2007, EUIC organised and hosted a first in a series of six debate-stimulating and awareness raising sessions. The guest-speaker of this session was Mr. Bernhard Abels, Deputy to the German Ambassador who informed the participants on the creation of EU. The participants included students from the Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Criminal Science as well as members of CSS, EUIC staff and Ms. Olga Palinkasev, Project Director. Furthermore, this event was covered by the local media agencies, BH Press and Fena.


The men and women who founded the EU in 1957 had great vision. But even they couldn’t have imagined what Europe – and the world – would look like 50 years later. Nowadays, the EU comprises 480 million citizens in twenty-seven Member States. The EU now accounts for 20 % of world trade and 25 % of global GNP. It also provides 55 % of the world’s overseas development assistance’’, commented Mr. Abels.