The Declaration on European future of BiH was signed on the 28th of February 2008 by Mr. Zdravko Krsmanovic, Mayor of Foca, H.E. Miroslav Mojžita, Slovakian Ambassador to BiH, and Mrs. Dženana Hodžic Head of Unit from the Directorate for European Integration.


“It is our wish to portray a message from this local community that we truly and without a doubt support and uphold European values” said Mr. Krsmanovic

“In the future, BiH will be able to take full advantages of European resources as the SAA will enable a single market economy in BiH. In the next six years, BiH will also be able to gradually implement a no-customs policy on all export items to the EU member states” stressed Mrs Hodžic.

The signing of the Declaration was part of a public debate „Together with Europe“, which is one of 22 public debates organised by the Delegation of European Commission in BiH, Directorate for European Integration BiH and EU Info Centres.