On September 27th, in the Building of Institutions BiH, CSS in cooperation with the Directorate for European Integration BiH (DEI), held the presentation of the results of the Study “Softening of the visa regime for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina: What are the requirements that the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to fulfill in order to ease the transfer of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the “Black List” the “White List” of the visa Schengen Agreement”.


Denis Hadžović, CSS General Secretary, and Osman Topčagić, Director of DEI, introduced the Study, giving an up-to-date reflection on the status of visa regime liberalization for Bosnia and Herzegovina and current negotiations with the European Union. The Study was presented by Stela Vasić. The Study was prepared and financed through support of USAID and the Urban Institute.

English version (318KB)

pdf Bosnian version (469KB)