Centre for Security Studies co-hosted and participated in a seminar „Secuity Sector Refrom in the context of peace support operations“, held at Camp Butmir in Sarajevo, from 13th to 15th of December 2011. This seminar was initiated in cooperation with the Training Centre for Peace Support Operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation, OSCE Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy. The overall project is being generously supported by the Government of Norway.

The specific aims and the purpose of the projects is to provide the participants with insights into planning and implementing an SSR programme in a PSO envorinment, with specific objectives of:

• reaching an understanding of its theoretical and conceptual underpinnings, especially in regard to the whole of governance (WoG) approach,

• recognizing context and background; challenges and key facets; drivers and spoilers of reform,

• mapping key actors of reform, including non-statutory ones,

• drafting an action plan for implementing an SSR program in a post-conflict environment,

• to set the ground for regional support for co-operation in the area of SSR within the context of PSO,

• To support PSO capacity and integrity building in the context of alignment of national structures, policies and practices, both at national and international level.

This seminar is a first in a series of seminars which will be designed and carried out within this three-year project.

DOWNLOAD: Course Background, Purpose and Objectives, Course Agenda, List of participants