Centre for Security Studies, as the partner organization of Centre for Civil Society, Kyodo with support from Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina are implementing a project towards development and strengthening of the public debate on the EU accession in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The overall objective of the project is to ensure that B&H’s public, civil society and government actors become and remain supportive of B&H’s EU integration/accession process, by fostering and informing dialogue and debate that shall facilitate the country’s progress towards EU membership. Specific objectives of the project are: a) provide info about the EU and accession process to the BiH citizens and local and regional governments, civil society organizations, academic community; provide forum for debates on EU accession issues, conduct polling surveys on EU accession related issues.

The EU Info Centre in Sarajevo is located in the building of Municipality Stari Grad, Street Zelenih beretki No. 4, contact 033 206 640 www.euroinfocentar.ba