In cooperation with Saferworld and the People’s Peacemaking Perspectives (PPP), Centre for Security Studies is currently implementing a joint 18-month long project on border demarcation.  The aim of the project is to gain peoples perspectives and opinions on the overall border demarcation processes, irrespective of the official attitudes.

This sort of a participatory approach has been advocated by the EU as a method of solving inter-state problems before becoming a member of EU structures. The partners of the project are Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) from Serbia, Centre for Security Studies (CSS) from Montenegro and Forum for Civic Initiatives (FIQ) and Kosovar Centre from Security Studies (KCSS) from Kosovo. The project has been funded within the component for responses to crisis of the European Commission (EC) Instrument for Stability. The project shall include research and production of 18 analyses within a country/within a region and communication of these findings and recommendations to Brussels and to countries covered in the project.